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Cardiac Database Notice

BeagleThe OFA has been working closely with a steering committee established by the ACVIM-C  (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Cardiology) to improve the value of the OFA’s existing Congenital Cardiac Database.  While a number of protocol and clearance changes will be forthcoming, we are implementing a significant immediate change.  A new cardiac application form has been loaded to the Forms Download page of the OFA Website.  The revised cardiac application form includes a new release option:  “Authorization to Collect Statistical Data”.  When checked, the exam results will be collected and shared with the ACVIM and other canine health research teams, without disclosing the results to the public or on the OFA website.  Statistical submissions will not result in the issuance of any OFA numbers or reports.  There is no charge for statistical data submissions, and the forms can be sent to the OFA by the owner or the attending veterinarian.   Collection of all exam results, especially abnormal examinations, is an important step for canine cardiac research in order to establish more accurate disease prevalence and progression.

The new Cardiac Form is linked here and in the applications section.





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