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CLPS Breeder Guidelines

Owners with dogs testing as Carriers (CLPS N/A) should understand that their dogs can produce puppies with cleft palate, cleft lip, syndactyly or a combination of these birth defects if bred to other carriers. In addition, all NSDTR breeders should understand that this test is specific for the mutation identified to cause the CLPS form of cleft palate. At the time that this test was released, approximately 2% of Tollers were identified as carriers of CLPS N/A; however, the number of carriers can change with each generation. As of March 2012, we have received 36 samples from North American NSDTR puppies with cleft palate, 14 of which had two mutant (CLPS A/A) copies of CLPS.

If two carriers of CLPS are bred to each other 25% of the puppies will have a phenotype caused by CLPS. If a carrier is bred to a normal dog then no CLPS puppies will be produced.

We recommend that breeders take into consideration the CLPS test results as they plan their breeding programs; however, they should not over-emphasize the test results. Instead, the test result should be one factor among many in a balanced breeding program.


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