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Breed Club Health Surveys

The OFA offers breed surveys for a number of breed parent clubs. These surveys are offered free of charge. All data is used only in aggregate and is kept confidential. No survey results will be traceable to any individual dog. It is hoped that this information will be valuable to breed clubs as they assess the health issues of their breed. Click below to go to each breed's health survey.

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Health Surveys by Breed


Affenpinscher Survey


Afghan Hound Survey
Airedale Terrier Health Survey
  Akita Health Survey
  American Eskimo Health Survey
  American Staffordshire Terrier Health Survey
  American Water Spaniel Survey
  Anatolian Shepherd Survey (results only)
  Australian Cattle Dog Survey
  Australian Terrier (results only)


Barbet Health Survey
Beagle Health Concerns (followup to Health Priorities Survey)
  Belgian Malinois Health Survey
  Belgian Sheepdog Health Survey
  Belgian Tervuren Health Survey 2013 (results only)
  Belgian Tervuren Health Survey 2014 for Living Dogs
  Belgian Tervuren Health Survey 2014 for Deceased dogs (2006 through 2014)
  Berger Picard Health Survey
  Black and Tan Coonhound Health Survey
  Bloodhound Health Survey
  Borzoi Health Survey
  Boston Terrier Health Survey
  Boykin Spaniel Health Survey
  Briard Health Survey
  Brussels Griffon Health Survey
  Bullmastiff Health Survey (results only)


Canaan Dog
  Cardigan Welsh Corgi Survey
  Cesky Terrier Survey
  Chinese Crested Survey
  Chow Chow Health Survey
  Coton de Tulear Health Survey


Field Spaniel Survey
  French Bulldog Survey


German Pinscher Survey
  German Shorthaired Pointer Health Concerns Survey
  Giant Schnauzer Health Concerns Survey
  Glen of Imaal Survey
  Golden Retriever Survey
  Gordon Setter Survey
  Great Dane Survey
  Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Results only)


Irish Red and White Setter Survey
  Irish Setter Survey
  Irish Terrier Survey


Komondor Survey
  Kuvasz Survey


Labrador Retriever Survey
  Leonberger Survey


Mastiff Health Survey
  Miniature Schnauzer Health Survey Results only


Newfoundland Survey Results only
  Newfoundland Rescue Survey Results only
  Newfoundland Survey 2016 Results only
  Norwegian Buhund Survey
  Norwegian Elkhound Survey
  Norwich Terrier Survey


Old English Sheepdog Health Survey


Papillon Health Survey Results only
  Parson Russell Terrier Health Survey Results only
  Pembroke Welsh Corgi Health Survey
  Peruvian Inca Orchid Health Survey
  Pharaoh Hound Health Survey
  Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON) Survey
  Pomeranian Health Survey
  Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Health Survey
  Pug Health Survey
  Puli Health Survey


Rat Terrier Health Survey Results only


Samoyed Health Survey
  Schipperke Health Survey
  Shetland Sheepdog Health Survey
  Shih Tzu Health Survey
  Siberian Husky Health Survey
  Spinone Italiano Health Survey
  Staffordshire Bull Terrier Health Survey (results only)
  Swedish Vallhund Health Survey


Tibetan Spaniel Survey
  Tibetan Spaniel Liver Bile/Acid Survey


Tibetan Terrier Survey 2014 (results only)


West Highland White Terrier
  Wirehaired Pointing Griffon


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