Golden Retreiver in the woods

Dentition Database


The Dentition Database was established in late 2011 at the specific request of the American Rottweiler Club. Full dentition is an element of breed specific health, form and function for a number of breeds. The purpose of the database is to certify dogs with all adult teeth fully erupted. The database does not certify overall dental health, misaligned teeth, or dentition in accordance with a breed standard.

Examination and Classification

Each dog is to be examined and classified by a licensed veterinarian. The examining veterinarian will determine whether all adult teeth are fully erupted, identify any persistent (retained) deciduous teeth, as well as any missing teeth.

The exam form contains a dental chart, and any retained or missing teeth should be marked “P” (persistent) or “M” (missing). If the owner authorizes release of any abnormal information, the dental chart identifying the specific missing or persistent deciduous teeth will be included on the dog’s OFA webpage.

Clearance Issued

A breed registry number will be issued for any dog found to be normal with all adult teeth fully erupted.

Database Application